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Tomorrow is Today

This is a compelling story of an idyllic marriage which turns into a union of suspicions and allegations when the wife begins to receive gifts and romantic emails from an unknown suitor. Her husband accuses her of having an affair and refuses to accept her vehement denials. To save her marriage she devises a plot to reveal the culprit. When she ultimately discovers the truth, the answer is shocking.

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No Time to Regret

Bob Ruthers is leading the life he always dreamed. He has a loving wife, a wonderful daughter and a beautiful home in the suburbs of Long Island. He is proud that he has steadily advanced in life, and he is enjoying all the benefits of his success. He believes that nothing can mar his happiness until suddenly, an unexpected occurrence threatens the things he has taken for granted and cherishes. Memories are revived of a long-suppressed event, an illicit affair, which, if revealed, could destroy everything he holds dear and compromise all that he values. Bob is faced with the most difficult decision of his life. Should he admit to the secret he has been guarding all these years? Should he confide in his wife? Will she hate him? Should he protect his family at the expense of others? He realizes that his decision might destroy someone’s life. But who should it be? Should he destroy a life to protect his own?

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No Time to Regret








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Lynne List, PhD, is a retired Professor Emeritus who taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels after a career as a classroom, reading teacher and reading consultant. She coauthored one college textbook and authored another herself. Her first novel, No Time to Regret, was published in 2020. She has also published numerous educational articles and has been included in 13 “Who’s Who” volumes. She wrote three plays one of which took first place in a new playwriting competition and had a successful staged reading in a professional theater. In addition, she acted in and directed many shows. Her second avocation is duplicate bridge, a game she loves and plays frequently.

For Free Experience

First page

It was a beautiful September day. The sun
shone in a cloudless sky. The temperature was
a pleasing 78 degrees. A gentle breeze rustled
the tree leaves. It was perfection. Pebble Lane,
with its line of identical ranch homes differing
only in the varying shingle colors and the
shrubbery choices, was a very quiet street this
Sunday morning in Valley Stream, Long

Rita rushed to the telephone the minute she
entered her apartment. It was a one bedroom
and one bath on the third floor overlooking
Queens Boulevard. It was small but very
comfortable. The living room was furnished to
be a family room. There was a black leatherette
couch, a black leather recliner chair, a TV, and
a desk that held the computer and printer.

Lorene was up early and busy in the kitchen
making breakfast for Ray. Her mother had
always made breakfast for her father and she
had followed in her footsteps preparing
breakfast for Roger before he left for work. Ray
had protested, insisting it was not necessary
but she prevailed, “I’m not sending you off to
work without the proper nourishment,” she